Outpatient Psychiatry


Mental illnesses rarely require hospitalization, just as physical illnesses don’t always need to be treated in a hospital. Chances are that whatever mental distress you’re feeling it can be treated through outpatient treatment. Some mental disorders are more challenging and debilitating than others, but many of them are temporary conditions or chronic but non-life-threatening.

Outpatient treatment is an appropriate approach for a number of reasons.

Maintaining your work routine
When the mental disorder you’ve been diagnosed with doesn’t pose a danger or significantly disrupt your life, you don’t need treatment in a hospital setting for an extended period of time. Treatment simply needn’t disrupt your work schedule. Many disorders respond well to outpatient therapies involving short, regular office visits.

Maintaining home life
Outpatient treatment also allows you to continue daily life at home. You aren’t separated from your loved ones, and your family can better provide you support during treatment. For most people, isolation from what is familiar is neither helpful nor necessary. Life goes on, and you want to be there.

Keeping treatment accessible
Your time and money aren’t in infinite supply. Outpatient psychiatry keeps your treatment affordable. Office visits are less costly than hospital stays. You don’t need 24/7 care because you’re capable of managing your job and home on your own most of the time. Outpatient treatment gives you ongoing care when you need it without breaking the bank.

Keeping your options open
Outpatient psychiatry is there when you need it. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to call us. You call the shots. It’s your life, so contact us when you’re ready to make a change.

The time to treat your anxiety, depression, or other mental disorder is today. Contact Saginaw Psychiatry to schedule an appointment. It’s time to begin changing your life.