Cultural Issues


Culture can be complicated. At Saginaw Psychiatry, we are continuously engaged with understanding our cultural biases so that we can be more open and sensitive to the perspectives and values other cultures. We do not want biases to interfere with providing effective help to our clients.

For clients, cultural assumptions can create issues or impediments to living a fully vibrant life. Those cultural assumptions can be located from inside or outside your cultural affiliation. Although you can’t change the culture you were born into, we can help you shed a light on the conflict you’re experiencing.

For example, first generation immigrants often have difficulty acculturating to their new country because cultural assumptions are not always aligned, creating significant conflicts. But even within one’s culture, conflicts can arise. A culture’s assumptions and one’s lived experience can be at odds with each other.

Components of culture that need to be taken into consideration include:

While it can be true that someone who has gone through a similar situation can understand you better, it is also true that we can recognize components of our culture in a fresh way when it is placed against different cultural assumptions.

At Saginaw Psychiatry, we subscribe to a code of ethics that values cultural diversity. We are committed to lifelong learning, not only in regard to our profession but also in exploring and understanding cultures. We understand that each person is unique. We will not assume that one approach to treatment is suitable for all clients.

Cultures can stigmatize people. The staff at Saginaw Psychiatry will not further stigmatize you. Call us to schedule an appointment and begin changing your life.