We understand discretion. Emotional wellbeing can be a sensitive issue. Privacy is paramount. This can be especially true for people who work in health care, including veterinarians. It’s estimated that nearly half of medical professionals experience burnout. That’s why we take extra steps to provide a discreet environment. You can feel secure that your identity won’t be comprised.

No referral necessary
As with all our clients, we believe that most people know what they need. You know yourself better than anyone. You know when you aren’t “feeling yourself,” whether you feel more anxious than usual or you’re feeling depressed or stressed out. What you don’t need is a series of appointments to get a doctor’s opinion and referral. As a health care provider, you can make that call yourself.

Call us directly
When discretion is of utmost importance, we want to remove every potential barrier that could get in the way of asking for help. That’s why we offer the option of calling a private cell phone and bypassing the front desk. It’s just one more way we want to encourage you to make the call.

Option of off-site space
For health care providers, one additional barrier to seeking assistance can be the waiting room. The fear of encountering a patient under your care at our office shouldn’t discourage you from receiving help. Unfortunately, it’s enough to prevent some health care providers from coming to our office. That’s why we offer the option of meeting in an alternate space.

After hours
We offer the option of meeting after hours, too. If our office is conveniently located, we can provide extra discretion by meeting with you when you don’t need to worry about anyone being in the waiting room. And we also know that health care providers can work atypical hours, so we’re willing to meet with you outside the usual nine-to-five time slots.

At Saginaw Psychiatry, we understand discretion. Isn’t time to make that call?